Started operations since 2003, CSD Automation Sdn Bhd have been providing all sorts of control system solutions to her most valued customers.With early emphasis in water treatment sector, the company acts as system integrator for automatic chemical dosing equipments, treatment plant control design as well as SCADA system builder for water treatment plant.
The company subsequently expands by providing solutions to automate assembly and manufacturing processes in industries sectors. Working together with experienced machine fabricators and equipment suppliers, enable the company to propose and implement customized machines and plants for various industrial purposes.
Comparatively fast but steady, CSD has been establishing herself as a total automation solution provider. Facilities and human resources are being developed to meet the growing demand from the both local and in future overseas customers.Today the company further expands to research, develop and market manufactured items as standard products by its own brand as well as OEM to other equipments suppliers.
The company latest move is being the sole distributor for Fortress Interlocks safety equipments for Malaysia.